Surfer SEO Content

Grow your organic traffic with Surfer-optimized content!

There are lots of content agencies out there that offer the same benefits: “great” content, correct grammar & spelling, etc. It becomes even more difficult to determine which among them truly provides value for your website.

Since your goal as a site owner is to leverage content to grow your rankings and attract more visitors, GoSMRK uses Surfer SEO to help get your leg up the competition by publishing semantically relevant content on your site!

Surfer SEO is atool that helps content writers and copywriters create web content and copy that cuts through the noise on SERPs. They provide research and data from the top-ranking pages for a keyword that writers should use to produce content that Google loves.

If you’re not familiar with Surfer SEO, that’s cool because we at GoSMRK are big fans of the tool. In fact, we use the tool on all our clients to help create useful and valuable content that gives them the best chances of ranking on Google, whatever their niche or topic is!

If you place an order from our site, you can expect all articles to be optimized using Surfer SEO! This makes your content rise above the wave of the competition!

Surfer SEO Benefits

Surfer SEO Content

Leverage Surfer SEO tech to get the best possible content for your site

Receive content optimized to top ranking factors

All articles will have at least 66 Content Score

Publish content that’s as good as the best, if not better!

DFY Content Silos

Plan and roll out content plan that’ll boost your site’s topical relevance

Find best keywords to optimize for your silo

Receive ready-to-publish target and supporting articles

Increase your site’s authority in the eyes of Google!