DFY Content Silo

Let us plan, develop, and roll out content silos for your site!

Content silos help Google acknowledge your site as an authority about a topic. The more silos you create that have a semantic relevance to your site’s topic, the higher the likelihood Google will rank your site on top of SERPs.

However, content silo creation requires lots of research and planning to help you find the best keywords for each of your silos and creating optimized content for each. We at GoSMRK can help you with that!

You already know how content silos work. Heck, you’ve seen them help websites rank on Google SERPs.

However, despite having the desire to implement this strategy on your site, you just don’t have the manpower nor the time to properly manage developing content silos for your site.

Whether you’re an:

  • affiliate site owner
  • agency owner helping clients increase organic growth with great content

GoSMRK’s DFY Content Silo services will help take away this pain point as we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. This way, you can focus on the more important facets of your online business as we develop and roll out a content silo plan that increases the chances of the sites you manage for organic growth!

Content Silo Process

Analyze Target Pages

Determine existing target pages on your site by looking at your site structure and find areas of improvement on each to help them rank higher on Google.

Research Keywords

Under each target page, we unearth keywords with low organic competition using different metrics (not just KD!) that we’ll use to optimize the supporting articles.

Build the Silo Structure

Implement an internal linking structure that makes sense in terms of the flow of information across your supporting articles and target page in a silo.

Track and Monitor Progress

See which if the target page of each silo is increasing in keyword position on SERPs and attracting more visitors after months of letting the silo mature.