SEO Content Writing Services for Busy Businesses

Focus on growing your online business and let us worry about developing your content from the ground up with our content writing services!

Multitasking business owners need content writing services to help shore up the content needs of their business.

Hate the fact that there can’t be more of YOU?

It sucks that you’re just one you.

As a business owner, you want to be in full control of your business, from operations down to content writing. Regarding the latter, since you know your business and industry inside out, it makes sense that you write about what you know and publish your articles on your blog or other sites.

However, unless you can clone yourself multiple times, you’re left to delegate and assign the writing job to someone else.

Doing so could spell trouble for your business because they don’t know what you know about your business.

However, you ultimately need to entrust the content writing to people who know how to write compelling content that resonates with your target audience.

Angry business owner

But where can I find content writers whom I can TRUST?

Trust – it’s a big word indeed.

Not to mention, online writers are a dime a dozen!

There are thousands – if not millions – of writers to choose from online who are offering their services to anybody willing to listen.

While it may sound like it’s a great thing, it sometimes isn’t. The multitude of choices makes it more difficult for you to find the best content writers for your business.

Let’s be honest here – some writers make lots of noise online about their services but rarely delivers with the result!

I’m not talking about every other content writing service out there, but there’s a great chance you’ve encountered a content writing team or business that oversells and underdelivers.

In fact, your experience with them may have soured your perception of online content writers!

I don’t blame you.

However, since you can’t write content at the rate and quality that you want for your business, you just need to hire someone whom you can put your complete TRUST to.

A trustworthy content writer is someone who:

Knows how to write quality content regardless of topic

 S/he knows:

  • how to research for information to include in the article
  • the best practices that make a piece of content shared and read than most
  • how to make a compelling article that people will read from top to bottom

Knows the best on-page SEO practices

The writer should:

  • know how to research for keywords with relatively high search volume and low competition
  • optimize the content for its assigned target keyword
  • make content that Google and other search engines love

Is sensitive to the needs of your business

The content writer must:

  • Respect your writing assignment at all time by submitting well-written content before the deadline
  • Be willing to collaborate with you to create the best possible article that meets your specifications and needs
  • Willing to go the extra mile to make your content as good as it can be

Enter GoSMRK’s SEO Content Writing Services!

I have been a content writer for more than a decade. I have written different content types for different industries over the years.

In my experience as a content writer, there’s been one constant – businesses leverage content to create equity for their brand.

This reason is why I created GoSMRK.

I am personally aware of the importance of the image that businesses want to portray to the public through content. This reason is what compelled me to set up GoSMRK as your one-stop for all things SEO content writing!

To help me help you, I have handpicked writers who are more than capable to provide businesses with compelling and persuasive articles and blog posts that meet the demands of clients. I can honestly say that I am working with some of the most talented writers in the world, and they’ve barely scratched the surface!

My passion for content writing, as well as the skills we have developed throughout the years that complement the production of great content, is at the very core of GoSMRK’s SEO content writing services.

I oversee the writing projects assigned to each of the writers and ensure that they craft your content with utmost care and full understanding of your business. WE NEVER SKIMP OF QUALITY – we have a dedicated editor who also ensures that the articles and blog posts are grammatically correct and their sentence structures are in tip-top shape before sending them to the client for review.

But why SEO content writing?

Small businesses and startups who want to develop an online presence don’t stand a fighting chance against companies with an already established online footprint.

It’ll take years for them to even reach the level where the companies already are at the moment. Heck, the companies may have already gone to another level with their online presence, further leaving small businesses behind.

You might be asking yourself, “so what’s the point!?

The point is that you believe in your business, which is why you are launching it against all odds. You want to help people who are looking for your products and services and want to provide them with everything you’ve got.

If you feel this way about your business, then you’re in luck because we share the same beliefs and want to work with you!

Since we at GoSMRK are focused on providing you with content your business can be proud of, part of our mission is to provide you with SEO-friendly content that will help make it easier for your target audience to find you on Google and other search engines.

This reason is why SEO is crucial for businesses if you want to even have a puncher’s chance against your bigger competitors.

Instead of taking the long way towards business success, SEO gives you a route where you can attract your target market by increasing your visibility on search engines like Google and Bing. By optimizing your website for your target keywords, search engines will index your site faster so users can find information about your business sooner than later!

Here’s how we will provide SEO content for your business:


This is the part where you look at the price and make a judgment call based on how much the cost of content is. There are two things you’d probably do:

  1. Run away from this site as far as possible and go back to getting your articles from content mills
  2. Second-guess our services and probably look for another content writing service provider to compare and contrast

But before you do both of these things, a quick word about our pricing…

With GoSMRK, you’re not just paying for the content.

If you want more affordable content, then sites and other content mills are the way to go. You literally are just paying for the content on these sites.

HOWEVER, with GoSMRK, you pay for the moving parts that compose well-rounded content.

You pay for the EXPERTISE that will allow you to publish high-quality content that will rank your website for your target keywords.

You pay for the THOUGHT PROCESS that goes through the research and the writing of the content, all while observing the best on-page SEO practices to ensure that your content will rank on top of organic search.

Finally, you pay for our TURNKEY SOLUTIONS that intend to take the entire content creation process off your hands so you can dedicate your time on other aspects of your business while you let the experts (us) handle all things content.

Keeping all these things in mind, below are the prices for the different SEO content writing services we offer:

LITE PLAN ($0.07/word)

Perfect for agencies with in-house SEO team and looking for content writers to execute their plan.


STANDARD PLAN ($0.09/word)

Perfect for businesses that need direction with their SEO content strategy.


BUSINESS PLAN ($0.12/word)

Perfect for entrepreneurs who have NO IDEA where to begin with their SEO content.


LITE PLAN – Perfect for SEO agencies

LITE Plan for GoSMRK SEO Content Writing Services1

You already have an established online business. You have a team who knows their way around SEO. Your business already has a solid SEO strategy in place with regard to content. You also have clients ordering content from your agency but don’t have the manpower to accommodate their needs.

Therefore, if you’re looking a content writing team who will implement your plan to a tee, then GoSMRK’s LITE Plan is for you. The advantage we have over other writing services is that we know SEO. If you have specific ideas for your content in relation to SEO, there’s a very good chance that we can do exactly what you want for your content.

What’s included in the LITE PLAN?

GoSMRK’s LITE Plan may be our most affordable plan, but it’s definitely nothing to scoff at!

At the very core of great content is its ability to increase your online visibility and provides information that your audience wants and needs. We will do these things but observe the best on-page SEO practices that revolve around these three factors:

Find the best keyword to optimize your content:

  • Use premium tools help unearth low-hanging fruit keywords
  • Identify keywords that your competitors are optimized with so we can siphon some of their traffic to your pages
  • Create content buckets for keywords to generate an endless stream of content ideas for your blog or site

Brainstorm ideas for your content based on keyword research:

  • Find the best performing content based on your chosen keyword and analyze what worked and what didn’t
  • Outline the flow of the content to ensure that the thought process of the content makes sense
  • Assign and delegate to the best content writer on my team for the job

Lose inhibitions and get cracking with writing the content:

  • Write the best content following the latest on-page SEO practices to ensure that content is optimized across all boards
  • Use premium tools to make sure writers produce the content that will make you say, “damn, this is great content!”
  • Enlist editor to double-check the content before sending to client

STANDARD PLAN – Just what small businesses need

SEO Content Writing Services Standard Plan for GoSMRK

You are running a small business or startup and want to shore up your content marketing strategy. You’re looking for someone who not only provides content but also develop a strategy to help you reach your target audience.

GoSMRK’s STANDARD Plan is the perfect solution for your needs. I will personally schedule a call with you so I can present ideas on the kinds of content we can publish on your blog or website that your audience will love. Once we agree on the strategy, we will take care of developing the content optimized for search engines and your readers!

What’s included in the STANDARD PLAN?

GoSMRK is fully aware that not all businesses can pull out great content out of thin air. As business owners, there are other things that occupy your mind in terms of growing your business that content creation gets left in the backburner.

At the same time, you know the value that great content provides – you just don’t have the manpower to turn your content ideas into reality. Our STANDARD Plan is something that you should highly consider for your business! This plan includes everything in the LITE Plan with the addition of the following:

Conduct a 1-hour call with you to discuss content strategy

  • Determine the goals and objectives you want to achieve with our content
  • Identify your target readers so we can craft and tailor the content that caters to your intended audience
  • Present keyword ideas and topics that we can write as articles or blog posts

Use premium stock photos for your content

  • Receive a minimum of two (2) images from a paid stock photo site. Each image you will receive is  2000px wide
  • Let professional and unique images speak on behalf of your business
  • Reuse the images for your other blog posts or on social media when promoting your business

Receive an SEO audit report of the published written content

  • Determine how optimized our content is in an easy-to-understand manner based on your target keyword
  • View the different on-page factors that impact your SEO score
  • Determine other factors that are keeping your content from ranking higher on organic search results

BUSINESS PLAN – For stressed-out entrepreneurs

Business Plan of GoSMRK Content Writing Services

The content on your site sucks. You know it, and your customers know it. Worse of it all, you don’t know what to do to make it better!

With GoSMRK’s Business Plan, you don’t have to bite and chew through your pencils for the answer!

We will take the content creation process away from your hands so you don’t have to stress about it! Aside from discussing the content strategy with you, we will take care of creating the content, publishing it on your site and promoting each of them on our personal network of over 6,000+ followers! It’s like running your web content strategy on AUTOPILOT!

What’s included in the BUSINESS PLAN?

Let me first say that it’s not your fault you don’t know how to published SEO-friendly content. As important as SEO is to help grow your online presence, you simply don’t have the time in the world to optimize your site on your own. There’s no point in beating yourself up about it. What’s important is what you will do next to rectify the situation.

Think of GoSMRK’s BUSINESS Plan as your right-hand man for all your website’s content needs. We will not only provide you will killer content that will make your readers go, “WOW! This brand is awesome!” Our goal is to take the entire content creation process on your website out of your hands. We at GoSMRK will guarantee that your site or blog will churn out high-quality content for as long as you want us on board with your business.

The BUSINESS Plan includes everything in the STANDARD Plan, in addition to the following:

Upload and schedule/publish content on your site so you won’t have to

  • Provide us user access to your site or blog so we can upload the articles images, and all the necessary information about the content
  • Schedule the posts on specific dates so they are spread out equally, providing readers with actionable content on a regular basis
  • Present keyword ideas and topics that we can write as articles or blog posts

Share content using GoSMRK’s personal network and promotions strategy

  • Promote your content on social media of over thousands of fans and followers in line with your target audience and buyer persona.
  • Extend your online reach by tapping on influencers in your niche to share your articles and blog posts
  • Submit your content to blog submission sites and increase social signals so your content ranks better

Track the position of your content for their respective target keywords

  • Login to our site so you can get first SEO data about your content’s SEO performance
  • See the content of other websites ranking for the same keyword so you get a better understanding of what you’re up against
  • See ranking changes every after three (3) days and see what you need to do to increase your ranking

Have questions? GoSMRK has the answers!

Still not sure if GoSMRK is the SEO Content Writing Service for you? I don’t blame you – it is your sworn duty to do due diligence when choosing services that will help grow your business.

Therefore, if you have questions about our content writing services, please feel free to throw us a line and we’ll be more than happy to reply within 24-48 hours.

We are pretty confident that we can quell your concerns because we truly believe in what we do, just as much as you believe in your business.

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