Put your SEO content creation process on cruise control!


We at GoSMRK are dedicated to providing content solutions for those who want to win the SEO rat race. From keyword research to the actual writing and down to content strategy, we can do them all for you!

Surfer SEO Content

Leverage Surfer SEO tech to get the best possible content for your site

Receive content optimized to top ranking factors

All articles will have at least 66 Content Score

Publish content that’s as good as the best, if not better!

DFY Content Silos

Plan and roll out content plan that’ll boost your site’s topical relevance

Find best keywords to optimize for your silo

Receive ready-to-publish target and supporting articles

Increase your site’s authority in the eyes of Google!

Why Choose Us?

  • Years of experience writing for different clients about various topics – if you want an article about anything, we’ll get it done, no questions asked!
  • Worry-free workflow – just place your orders and we’ll deliver them on point and on time
  • Content writing is our middle name! We know what it takes to write content that search engines and your audience loves
  • We go beyond writing – we can plan your ENTIRE content strategy from scratch, all you need do is approve our plan and we’ll do everything for you!



$10/100 WORDS

Maximum of 2,500 words per order

TAT: 2-3 business days

most populaR


$6/100 WORDS

Maximum of 10,000 words per order

TAT: 8-9 business days


$8/100 words

Maximum of 5,000 words per order

TAT: 4-5 business days

What’s included

Surfer SEO optimized

We create articles that are semantically relevant to your keyword and compares favorably to the top pages on SERPs for maximum optimization.


All content will have images taken from free stock photo sites and annotated screenshots, depending on which type applies to the content, to help diversify the content.


Links are important to help increase the relevance of your content. Let us know how many contextual external and internal links to include in the articles we will write for you.


We structure our articles to have subheadings (H2 and H3) as well as numbered lists and/or bullet points. This should help make the content much easier to understand for readers.


To rank on Google with your website, it’s not enough to write SEO-friendly content, which is what everyone is doing nowadays.

To separate yourself from the pack, you need to approach content creation strategically. That means:

  • Researching for related keywords about your site’s topic and creating content for each
  • Implementing an internal linking plan to establish content clusters from within your site
  • Increase the semantic relevant of your site for your topc, thus INCREASING YOUR CHANCES OF RANKING HIGHER ON GOOGLE!

Therefore, we at GoSMRK are more than just a boutique content writing agency. We will provide you full a comprehensive silo structure proposal that contains the target keywords to optimize for your site and which pages link to each other to form a silo.

This way, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and leave the keys to us for all your content strategy and creation needs!

Christopher is one of our ‘go to’ writers for blog articles in the digital marketing niche. He’s always quick to deliver high-quality content that readers like to engage with.

– Axel Grubba, Profit from Tech

My experience with GoSMRK has been excellent. Now, I have the ability to scale my content output at a price that makes sense without sacrificing quality. All without the hassle of hiring my own team.

– Adam Connell, Blogging Wizard

I have recently started using GoSMRK services after spending months trying to find a content writing service that meets my needs. GoSMRK always provides high quality content with a quick turn around and their customer service is great.

– Rebecca DiCioccio, SEO Marketer

Difference of GoSMRK Content

We go beyond the cookie-cutter article providers by providing you with meaningful content services to start up your site’s engine and go blazing out the gate!

More Than Just Writing

Our team will lay out a comprehensive content plan that we can implement on your site. That means less worry and more time for you to grow your online biz!


We fashion our approach based on your needs and requirements. If you want something done with the content, we’ll do it. We’ll work with you, not over you!


We hate mediocre content! So if you receive content that isn’t up to standards, we’ll be more than glad to make the necessary changes and get it right.

Ready to grow your business with data-driven content?

Pick your content level & tell us about your project. We’ll do the rest.